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Punching Clowns

Why Tom Brady

Cry Baby

The Gawking Dead

Beam Me Up Scotty


Loco Moto, the brain-child of rock music writers Alan LoPresti & Tom Mody, is a hard driving riff based collection of modern social commentary songs with an edge towards satire. What makes Loco Moto unique is the contrasting vocal styles which may be best described as "Cooper meets Queen." Each song falls into it's own niche for sync licensing and commercial scoring- or simply ear-candy for the rock listener that enjoys lyrical irreverance, sonic empowerment... and bemoans Tom Brady.


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CDs & Downloads Available Now
Loco Moto's debut EP is now available in 4 panel eco-packs with lyrics. Depicting caricatures of the 2 "bobble-headed" monster that is the music of writers LoPresti and Mody, the cover's ireverence matches the satirical tone of the hard rock product.
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Promo CD's for radio/TV and licesning of the single "Why Tom Brady" will be available on a limited run in mid September. Some sports programing and East Coast based stations will be receiving complimentary copies by mail. The CD also contains a bonus track of "Punching Clowns."


Alan LoPresti: vocalist., guitaris and songwriter for Loco Moto
Known for crystal clean vocals and crushing guitar
tone, LoPresti's 30 plus years of song writing and studio
production is the motor behind the madenss.
Tom Mody: vocalist, lyricist and song writer for Loco Moto
With a vocal style to match his lyrical satire, Mody's
30 plus years of song writing and original arrangements
is the "crazy" that runs the music off the rails.
Custom song writing for any commercial and sync application by Loco Moto

If you have a great song idea to fit a licensing or promotional application,
Gives us 30 days (or less) and we can produce to your specifications.

Loco Moto is managed and published through

Mody Company Creative
56 West Main, Norwich, NY 13815
607-336-6233 | tom@modycompany.com

images, music & video © published 2017 Alan LoPresti & Tom Mody




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